I love my roommates part 2039812039820193:

"Don’t put your food in the dead cat box!"

—things I never thought I would say. (One of my roommates works at a veterinary clinic, and is using the boxes they put dead animals in to pack with…I object.)

29th April, SundayReblog

I’ve reached the level of exam-unpreparedness wherein, while I was standing outside smoking, I briefly considered how “great” it would be if I were non-fatally stabbed so I would have an excuse for missing the exam.

New lows, everyone, I find them every day.

20th April, FridayReblog
My grandparents wedding in August 1946.
Barb’s wedding again again. Look at my adorable dad (he is 16 in this photo, aw) and my nana’s fabulous hat.
Barb’s wedding again.
Barb’s wedding…nana looking stylish as always.
And Barb at her prom. This one is so good: that dress, the flower belt, the beehive, the curtains…I am really into how blurry it is, and the ultra dark shadow.
My Aunt Barb on her kick ass bike.
My beautiful nana, aunt, and dad.
I found some great childhood photos.
There is something so deliciously embarrassing and hilarious about waking up in the morning and realizing that you drunkenly took webcam photos of yourself after a shitty date. In my brain I was all “What-the-fuck-ever, he was being such a dick, and I am looking smokin’ this evening. Let me confirm that with some dramatic sexyface pictures! He doesn’t even know how dramatic and sexy my face is about to be. He could not handle it.”
Here is my soul, friends, my soul.
I love my roommates part 94384793248732948:

After a particularly distressing midterm, my roommate sent me the following text…

KC: That sucks, girl. Drink some tea. If you like mojito tea I have some in the bottom part of my left drawer that you are welcome to drink. And if you require the magical healing powers of the Snuggie in addition to your jammies, feel absolutely free to use mine.

She had her tonsils out recently, and to speed up her recovery, bought herself and her dog matching Snuggies. It has unquestioned powers. And now I am allowed to wear it too! So blessed~

P.S. I am completely tickled that my use of the word jammies has spread to my inner circle of friends! I started using jammies after many many people mocked the way I said pajamas (it’s pah-jah-mahs, this isn’t the deep south, sorry I don’t say pa-jamm-ehs or whatever)…other words I apparently pronounce “weirdly” include corduroy and envelope. This has gone really off track, I’m overtired and stressed. Anyway my roommates are lovely.

24th October, MondayReblog
Perfect Day cont.

My roommates and I painted our nails together.

The same colour.

30th September, FridayReblog
Perfect Day.

14 degrees, cloudy, chance of rain. One of those great fall days where it’s just pretend-fall. Movie-fall. Not really that cold, but with a little chill in the air so you can get excited that the seasons are changing. Cool enough for a sweater, warm enough for shorts, lazy enough for wooly socks. Keeping the windows open. Sunrise breakfast with my best bitch (who happens to live on the top floor of a ballin’ skyscraper downtown, so it was a beautiful view) just ‘cause we were both awake. Laundry, green tea, homework. Listening to my roommate play her ukulele softly in her bedroom.

Some days it’s the stupid little everyday life stuff that puts the biggest smile on my face.

30th September, FridayReblog